Approximately 5 weeks ago I decided to take a "hiatus" from my channel which wouldn't make sense to many since my rate of uploading has been so sparse. The purpose behind this choice was so that I don't mentally punish myself for not working on my script. While I thought this would impact my life little to none, it was quite surprising how liberating it was and haven't felt that way since the beginnings of my YouTube "career".

But I realized it's not enough.

My overall workload hasn't increased much, yet I felt more burdened than ever and am accomplishing less with more time. I'm fully aware how detrimental it is to not being constantly updated with current events, trends, topics, etc. especially when in a career path that requires you to be aware and predict, "the next big thing". However, the gradual increase of information intake over years of accumulation has led me to believe that this was the root cause in slowing of productivity. So many videos to watch, so many articles to read, and so much anime to consume and roll my eyes at the sheer volume of it churned out every season.

Fun fact: the average anime fandom only lasts 2 years. If you want a hobby to last take it in moderation, just like other facets of life.

While being constantly active on social media certainly has its perks, even the occasional memes, you can't deny it's a time waster (various sources report that people spend on average 3 hours a day on social media alone). That's not to say I'm completely cutting myself off from the online world, rather limiting myself to the essentials that actually requires my attention. As my mind stretches across thinner and thinner, the less time I have to dedicate to tackle projects and more of an excuse to feel overwhelmed.

I think it's safe to say disconnecting from all social media is on the impossible in this day and age, but decreasing the rate of consumption is a good starting point.

Firstly I'm taking a break from Twitter and YouTube, specifically the cesspool known as "the anime community". With the boom of "analysis", topic-oriented, and industry videos it's always been interesting to keep up with and know what other content creators are releasing. However, the double-edged sword with this is me resulting in being disappointed because another channel released a video that I was working on and scrapping whatever I had. It's alright the first time, but when it becomes a common occurrence it's the equivalent of a crushing, yet dull pain knowing that whatever your version turns out will never come to fruition.

Ideas are not original particularly on the Internet. There will always be another who makes content in a similar vein as ours and maybe even upload it days, even hours before you do. To continue to thrive in an ecosystem where on is surrounded by- even encouraged to borrow and take concepts from other creatives, this really shouldn't be new for me. But I realized if I want to make videos that I'm happy with while leading an overall more productive lifestyle it's better not to know and frequently be bogged down with disappointment.

Call it blissful ignorance, if you want. I prefer "efficiency".