So... something neat is going to come up in the next few weeks or so. It's a project that was basically conceived out of the blue, but the process behind it has been meticulous but grueling in the best way possible, a motivation that I felt hasn't sparked in a long, long time. My channel has been feeling more free in a while, and one of the best parts about having a small "fanbase" (if you can call it) is that my opinions hold no water, which means my voice and reach is technically white noise, and I prefer it to stay that way since I can take it to any direction without much #effort. See what I did there? Ha.

Not going to spoil you with too many details, but here are some progress shots of the upcoming project (you can also see some on Twitter as well):

Excited? Because I am.

But straying away from this for a short while, apologies for the lack of videos (oh look at that asshat Sooin, being sorry about something for a change), though you probably don't care about waiting for a 7-10 minute video on Cantonese cave paintings, which brings me to the second topic of this post that I touched on earlier: motivation.

This has admittedly been something that has been affecting me, and it's always been a bit of a struggle after every upload to make content that I feel is up to standard and have at least some pride in, a feeling that I'm sure every video maker both on YouTube and outside of it is very familiar with. After all, we're our own worst critic, aren't we? Good news is 2 videos will for sure happen soon, at least one will be released before the end of summer before thesis year hits me like a crashing plane and I've no time for anything. But the bad news is I'm not sure what's going to happen to the channel after I graduate. Video production will certainly be at a standstill for a while I make my full transition into the trials and tribulations of working as a starving artist, and I have no plans nor an inkling whatsoever to work on YouTube full-time.

Well, this has gone quite sombre, hasn't it? In the meantime to my loyal subscribers, be on the lookout for new videos and projects, this is not a goodbye, rather an awareness of what to expect in 2016. No, I don't plan to stop making videos, but real life is something all of us have to face and grab by the horns and control it to the best of our abilities.