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When one makes an analysis/review of anime (or any work in media, really), it's usually easier to talk and evaluate the story and characters than the art, animation, and music simply for the reason there's supposedly more to talk about (I'm guilty of committing this as well). However, there's always been a lack of discussion regarding music and overall sound design, sometimes completely missing out (or in extreme cases, disregard) one of the most important aspects of a work of media, in my opinion.

I've wanted to make a video (though there are some who are much more qualified than I am) outlining the importance and how much of an impact a good OST contributes to an anime, and quite frankly, it's a bit discouraging when you watch/read reviews of people just simply waiving them off as either "it was good," or "I don't remember the tracks, ergo it was bad". (Note: ambient music isn't inherently bad, nor is a composition good just because of its bombastic nature). To put it briefly, sound is one of the many factors that makes up the product that is anime. An art form. It has the ability to immerse people into the experience while providing a metaphorical voice to an environment that a script and visuals can't provide alone (at least, that's what a good soundtrack is supposed to accomplish). In other words, think of it as adding a key ingredient to a dish that elevates the taste from generic to great.

So I guess the overall lesson/forcing my opinion down your throats is: the next time you're listening to an OST that you somewhat like, give it some more love. Google the lyrics or attempt to get the feel of it. Have a good listen. Look up the recording process if you can. See if you can pick up their musical style (except Hiroyuki Sawano, he's too easy to tell at this point). Try and understand the emotions they tried to convey. Like writers, they have their own story to tell, just through different means with lyrics and the arrangement of various instruments. Who knows, you might end up learning something new.

I've also compiled an ever-growing list of OST selections that I regularly update on my channel, which you can click here (don't worry, it will take you to a new tab/window for the über paranoid). This post could have also been an elaborate ploy to plug my playlist, hurrdurr.


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