New entry series - Transit Sketches (An Intro)

In a nutshell, an artist needs to practice their craft frequently, if not every day. A great way I've found to practice figure drawing (without paying for expensive models) is to sketch those who use the transit system to improve both my sketching skills.

When I usually sketch people, I always start out with the easiest pose I can find, usually those in deep sleep because they’re relatively still. After that, I move on to more difficult poses, whether it be the person (or victim) be sitting on a weird angle, moves occasionally like scratching his/her head, tapping their fingers, etc. While admittedly I started this thing as merely an alternative to improve my drawing skills, it began to become an extension of my body to the point where it feels alien when I’m not doodling away at some poor human immortalized in my sketchbook. To those looking to improve their hand stability and speed while drawing, this is literally the perfect way to do so.